After you launch Chameleon Task Manager it will display all configurations in a pane on the left, all programs will be listed in the second pane on the right, and a additional information about every program will be given below.

Left pane

Left pane


It's list of all your configurations.
Configurations starting with _AutoSave are backups saved automatically.
The last loaded configuration is highlighted in bold.
If there are unsaved changes in the configuration, you can see the * character on the title bar of the window.
For more information, click here.

Here you can select what should be displayed in the list:
System programs - Windows system programs.
Services - Services that have no GUI.
Group programs - Grouped program instances (ie several identical programs are displayed on one line and the resources they use will be combined).

List of programs

Applications, Processes - Programs currently running.
Configuration - Program settings in the current configuration.
All programs - All programs ever run on your computer.

Programs with different statuses are highlighted in different colors:
Black: normally running programs.
Grey: recently closed programs.
Blue: recently launched programs.
Purple: grouped programs with the number of running instances in brackets.
Red: frozen programs.
To perform any operation with the programs, you can open the context menu with a right click or you can click them to open the floating menu. Double-click a program to quickly open its settings.
You can right-click the header of the list to select the columns you want to see displayed (this works for all lists used in the program).

Displaying additional information about every program

Here you can see data about the program and the system.
If there are several programs selected in the list, the program shows information about all selected programs (if possible) by adding them together.
Other operations can be saved or performed with most of the information by selecting and right-clicking them.

Quick search

You can search any active list in the program by starting to type a word.
The program searches through all available data (paths, descriptions, etc).
You can cancel the search results by pressing the Esc key.

Status bar

The total usage of the resources is displayed on the status bar.
Programs that use most of the resources are contained within brackets.
You can also see the total number of items in the active list.

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