Interface overview

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Automatic optimization of computer performance
Controlling the settings of every program
Quick access to process management
Configuration management

Automatic optimization of computer performance

Chameleon Task Manager automatically makes available the highest possible system resources for the program you are currently working with. This is achieved by temporarily lowering the priority of background programs (It includes automatically lowered I/O and memory priority in Windows Vista/7/8) and freeing up the memory they occupy.
The preferences can be used to specify the exact program monitoring options and the actions it should take: Options - Preferences...

If you enable notifications, a dialog box like this will keep appearing in the left corner of the screen:

The set of buttons depends on the type of event.

Controlling the settings of every program

If necessary, you can specify individual settings for every program. To do this, open the editor with a double click on the program in the list. To quickly change the settings, we recommend that you use settings templates (that you can create yourself).

Alternatively, you can click the title of the resource to control and specify its parameters.
If you select the "Use these settings for all configurations" checkbox, the program settings will not change no matter what configuration is loaded.

Quick access to process management

To restart or optimize a process or to perform other operations, just open the standard menu of the program title bar:

or move the mouse pointer over the program in the tray:

Configuration management

Any number of configurations can be created and loaded if necessary.

To create a new configuration, click the New button.
To save the changes, click the Save button (by default, changes are saved automatically).
There are two ways to load a configuration: click the Load button or double-click the configuration in the list.

All changes (priority etc) are applied automatically.
If it's necessary to run or close programs, a confirmation window will be displayed with the list of these programs.

Configurations starting with _AutoSave are backups saved automatically.
The last loaded configuration is highlighted in bold.

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