What is Сhameleon Window Manager?

Chameleon Window Manager is window manager software that allows you to customize the behavior of all windows and add buttons with additional functions to the title bars.

Why use Chameleon Window Manager?

Additional buttons on window title bars.
You can add buttons to windows in the following two modes: include in all windows with the possibility to disable them where required and add them only to specified windows. It is also possible to customize the buttons and the order in which they should be displayed.
Customizing the behavior of all windows.
With Chameleon Window Manager you can automatically close unnecessary windows, specify the window size and position, move windows to a specific monitor, set transparency, minimize them to the taskbar and much more.
Repositioning and resizing windows.
There are several ways to achieve this aim: select a predefined layout (customizable rules that define the window size and position); move the window to the edge or corner of the screen to position it in the corresponding part of the screen; "draw" the window position by selecting the window on the grid; or create a separate rule for automatic repositioning and resizing.
Saving the window state.
Chameleon Window Manager is able to save the window size, position, transparency, and 'minimized' or 'Always On Top' states. It is then possible to restore their states when they are opened again.
General rules.
To make it easier to customize the behavior of separate windows you can create general rules and apply them with one click.

In addition, several configurations can be created and the settings changed for all windows in one go.

How to use Chameleon Window Manager?

You can look through a quick guide of how to use the program.

Current version:
Platform: Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/x64 Edition
Language: English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Serbian, Polish, Portuguese

The main features of the program are:

  Free Pro
Most of the new features
Scroll inactive windows with the mouse wheel
It is possible to create a rule for any window based on how it should be repositioned and resized
Extended AeroSnap
Move a window so that the mouse pointer is near the edge or in the corner of the screen and select one of the layouts
Configurations management
Any number of configurations can be created and loaded if necessary
Repositioning the window by "drawing" it on the grid
The new position of the window is specified by selecting it on the 12*12-cell grid with the help of the mouse
Specifying the size and position of windows
You can dock windows to each side of the screen, select the monitor, and display windows on top of all other windows, etc
General rules
Rules can be created based on frequently used settings and applied quickly to any window
Automatically closing windows
Unnecessary windows will be closed automatically
Minimizing windows to the tray, title bar or taskbar
This can be done when a window is created, minimized or made inactive
Set the window transparency
This can be set when a window is opened or when it's inactive
Saving the window state
You can save the size, position, and transparency, etc
Custom button settings for every window
You can add, customize or remove buttons for every window
Additional buttons on window title bars
Buttons can be added for transparency settings, to enable display on top of all windows, and minimize to tray, etc

Missing a specific feature?

Tell us what you'd like to see or vote for one already suggested and we'll try to add it!

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