Interface overview

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How to temporarily disable a program
Change the settings of every program
How to use the "launch delay"
Configuration management

How to temporarily disable a program

To disable a program (for example, to test how the system works without it), clear its checkbox in the list or click Disable button. Disabled programs are shown in the list, but are not launched on system startup:

Please note: To test how the system works without the disabled programs you should restart the computer.
If you don't have administrator rights, you cannot disable programs located in the "All users" sections.

Change the settings of every program

You can specify individual settings for every program. To do this, open the editor with a double click on the program in the list:

Then click "Add a launch parameter" button:

Select a parameter you want to add and configure its individual settings.

How to use the "launch delay"

There are several ways to run startup programs with a startup delay (ie change windows startup order):
Use the wizard immediately to set a startup delay for multiple startup programs.
Dragging a program shortcut to the Delay Bar achieves visual customization. The startup order can also be changed in the same place by dragging across any shortcuts.
It is also possible to open the program settings and change the startup delay in the same location. In addition, the programs can be organized with specific start days, program startup order and priority.
If you do not want the program to launch at Window startup, you can specify launch conditions (run if the computer is connected to the Internet, if the computer is idle, etc).

Configuration management

Any number of configurations can be created and loaded if necessary.

To create a new configuration, click the New button.
To save the changes, click the Save button (by default, changes are saved automatically).
There are two ways to load a configuration: click the Load button or double-click the configuration in the list.

All changes (priority etc) are applied automatically.
If it's necessary to run or close programs, a confirmation window will be displayed with the list of these programs.

Configurations starting with _AutoSave are backups saved automatically.
The last loaded configuration is highlighted in bold.

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