Version 4 BETA is already available.

With new version you can run the program during the day with a delay, right after the computer is switched on in the evening and not start it at all at night, or connect to the Internet at startup and close the program after the specified delay.

This version can be registered with a 50% discount if you buy before the full release is available.
If you detect a bug and inform us of the details immediately, you will receive an additional discount of up to 100%.

New in this version

Support for Services and Task Scheduler
Many launch parameters (Internet connection, specified time, closing after a delay, etc.)
Many launch conditions (run if the computer is connected to the Internet, not more than once within the specified time interval, if the computer is idle, etc.)
Individual launch settings, delays, and order depending on the day and time
Compact mode (leaves maximum space for program data display)

Updated in this version

Improved performance
The interface has been redesigned
Full support for Windows 8

In future versions

Support for additionally launched items, such as Explorer extensions
Startup and shutdown performance

Please note: If you decide downgrade to version 3 make sure that you install the latest version from the site.

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